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Intensive-Care white

Care product for refreshing of all wooden floors treated with white oil or Hardwax-Oil.

  • The surface looks visibly cleaner.

  • Intensive-Care can be used on all surfaces treated with white oil or Hardwax-Oil.

  • Reduces yellowing of white oiled surfaces.


There is no easier way to refresh your white oiled floor.

  • Remove loose dirt with a vacuum cleaner or fine broom. Prior to use, wash the floor by using glimtrex® Floor-Care as per instructions.

  • Wipe the surface and allow to dry properly.

  • Very dirty, damaged floors should be cleaned using glimtrex® remover.

  • Allow surface to dry thoroughly.

  • Apply the glimtrex® Intensive-Care white evenly on the whole floor using a lint free cloth, or fibre mop.

  • Ensure that the whole surface is covered.

  • Where possible, finish in the direction of the grain.


Product info sheet

Safety data sheet

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