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 FAQs:   Antworten auf Ihre Fragen

1. Why hasn't my surface dried within 3-6 hours?
The most common reason for slow drying is over-application which can increase the drying time by anything up to 8 hours. If you are applying glimtrex Colours cloth off any excess product to shorten drying time. Increase warmth and ventilation to decrease drying times.
2. How can I clean glimtrex hardwax oil brushes and rollers?
Please only use glimtrex special thinner. If there are still residues of other thinners, such as nitro thinner, in or on the tool and come into contact with the hardwax oil during the next processing, the surface may be impaired.
3. What should I do with rags that have come into contact with glimtrex hardwax oil products?
Cloths that have come into contact with hardwax oil must be washed out and spread out on a line to dry, as there is a risk of spontaneous inflammation.
4. I applied two coats of glimtrex hardwax oil matt, but I decided for a satin finish. What can I do?
You can simply apply a layer of glimtrex hard wax oil, semi-gloss. Alternatively, you can clean the floor with a glimtrex refreshment cleaner using a buffing machine and a soft pad. Rinse off well and allow to dry for approx. 3 hours, then apply a layer of glimtrex hard wax oil, silk matt.
5. Can I use glimtrex colours on glimtrex hardwax oil transparent?
glimtrex Colour Oil should be applied transparently before glimtrex Hardwax Oil. The pigments must penetrate the untreated wood.
6. According to your instructions, it is recommended to sand the floor before use. Would it be necessary on newly itallized ground
glimtrex hardwax oil is not a grain filler and therefore (within reasonable limits) the result is as good as the prepared surface. As long as the surface is smooth (like sanded with 120 grit) you have no problem.
7. My hardwax oil in the container has a skin on the surface. Can i still use it?
The open container of glimtrex hard wax oil transforms the surface of the skin. Remove the skin, stir the hard wax oil well and use it as you normally would.
8. Can I also use glimrex hardwax oil on other surfaces?
Please make a sample first to see how the glimtrex hard wax oil reacts with other surfaces. Networking problems can occasionally occur.
9. How can small scratches be removed from surfaces treated with glimtrex hardwax oil?
Small scratches on surfaces, e.g. caused by dog claws, can easily be repaired with glimtrex hard wax oil: Lightly sand the scratched area around the scratch and rub glimtrex hard wax oil with a lint-free cotton cloth.
10. Can I use glimtrex hardwax oil on underfloor heating?
Yes, glimtrex hard wax oil can be used on wooden floors with underfloor heating. After drying, the surfaces treated with glimtrex hard wax oil are resistant to high temperatures.
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