FAQs:   Antworten auf Ihre Fragen

1. Why hasn't my surface dried within 3-6 hours?
2. How can I clean glimtrex hardwax oil brushes and rollers?
3. What should I do with rags that have come into contact with glimtrex hardwax oil products?
4. I applied two coats of glimtrex hardwax oil matt, but I decided for a satin finish. What can I do?
5. Can I use glimtrex colours on glimtrex hardwax oil transparent?
6. According to your instructions, it is recommended to sand the floor before use. Would it be necessary on newly itallized ground
7. My hardwax oil in the container has a skin on the surface. Can i still use it?
8. Can I also use glimrex hardwax oil on other surfaces?
9. How can small scratches be removed from surfaces treated with glimtrex hardwax oil?
10. Can I use glimtrex hardwax oil on underfloor heating?