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glimtrex® Food-Safe-Oil is a solvent-free, vegan and odour-neutral plant oil. It consists to over 99% of renewable raw materials.



  • food-safe

  • suitable for the surface treatment of wooden objects that come into contact withfood, e.g. kitchen work surfaces, chopping boards or fruit bowls, as well as for use on children’s toys

  • tested from Fresenius institute

  • The dried surface is dirt and water resistant and has good chemical and resistance.

  • light inherent colour and goodlightfastness

  • based on renewable raw-materialse

  • Toy safety DIN EN 71-3 (2014-12)

  • Thematerial meets EN 71-3 (2014-12) and the provisions of the German Food and Feed Code (LFGB) as well asCouncil Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 and having passed the sensory tests it is therefore also suitable fordirect contact with food and animal feed.

  • Saliva and sweat resistance according to DIN53160 Parts 1 and 2: no discolouration (Level5)


Product info sheet

Safety data sheet

Test report Institut Fresenius

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