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- vegan

- solvent free

- antibacterial

- cobalt and 2-butanonoxim free

- only one application required

- easy care and cleaning with glimtrex Floor-Care

  • High yield: 1 liter will cover up to 40 m²

  • Applied in just 4 steps:

  • Fine-sanding with glimtrex® multi-hole disc, grit 120

  • Oiling with glimtrex® pad (purple) or scraper

  • Polishing with glimtrex® Veggie-pad

  • Apply after 24 hours glimtrex® Veggie First-Care with a mop

  • Extremely quick drying

  • Cautious walk-on after 3 to 6 hours

  • Fully useable after 24 hours (95% of final hardening)

  • Thanks to optional hardener component no drying problems on exotic and high-oil-content timbers

  • Optimized equipment range from sanding to final polishing guaranteeing smooth operation

  • DIBt approval: Z-157.10-153

  • Compliant with DIN 53160 saliva-resistance

  • Tested according to DIN 68861-1C: resistant to wine, coffee, cola, tea, beer, etc..

  • Compliant with DIN EN 71-3 toy safety

  • Easy care and cleaning with glimtrex® Veggie Floor-Care


Product info sheet

Safty data sheet

DIBt approval

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